Monday, August 15, 2022
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Renascor accepted into the European Battery Alliance

Renascor Resources Limited (ASX:RNU) announced that it has been accepted as a member of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), a group created by the...

Renascor’s graphite purifcation tech delivers ‘outstanding results’

Renascor Resources Limited (ASX:RNU) announced today it has received verification that its graphite purification technology can deliver, with an independent group confirming the tech's...

Hundreds of jobs lost as electrical firm PSG goes into receivership

600 hundred workers at electrical firm Pacific Services Group (PSG) — formerly known as Russell Smith — have lost their jobs after the company...

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The Australian Advantage

The Australian Made claim has never been more powerful than right now. It tells consumers products that carry the claim are made to some of the world’s highest manufacturing and safety standards, with inputs often sourced from Australia’s clean green environment. It also makes a compelling statement about generating local jobs and economic activity.