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Australian Gov’t taps SPEE3D to deliver 3D printing tech to Ukrainian Defence

Additive manufacturing company SPEE3D is deploying three of its WarpSPEE3D printers across various locations in Ukraine as part of the company’s new strategic collaboration with the Australian Government. 

Ukrainian military to leverage SPEE3D’s technology to boost operations

The US Department of Defence through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative is set to provide Ukraine with seven WarpSPEE3D printers manufactured by SPEE3D, a Victoria-based additive manufacturing company.

SPEE3D’s 3D printers to revolutionise Japan’s military operations with new partnership

Additive manufacturing company SPEE3D has embarked on a partnership with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF), ushering in a new era of metal-based 3D printing capabilities for Japan's military. 

SPEE3D participates in US Marine Corps exercise by 3D printing on-demand parts

Victoria-based additive manufacturing company SPEE3D has successfully participated in the annual US Marine Corps Integrated Training Exercise 4-23 (ITX), printing on-demand parts in the field to support crucial defence operations.

SPEE3D teams up with Missouri S&T to bring metal additive manufacturing tech to campus

Victoria-based additive manufacturing company SPEE3D announced a collaboration with Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T) to deliver their metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology to the university's Kummer Institute Centre for Advanced Manufacturing. 

Nupress to use SPEE3D technology to deliver amphibian aerospace applications

Advanced technology manufacturer SPEE3D has partnered with New South Wales-based Nupress to evaluate and supply applications to the Amphibious Aircraft project with a production service that grants local manufacturers access to the WarpSPEE3D metal 3D printer.

US Navy selects SPEE3D for its MaintenX program

SPEE3D has been chosen by the US Navy to participate in the MaintenX exercise, which aims to produce military marine applications in both port...

SPEE3D demonstrates world’s fastest metal 3D printer at Melbourne Grand Prix

Australian additive manufacturing company, SPEE3D, showcased its world-leading metal 3D printing technology at the Melbourne Grand Prix this weekend.

Elementum 3D acquires Australian-made cold spray metal 3D printing technology

Additive manufacturing research and development company Elementum 3D has acquired cold spray metal 3D printing technology developed by Australian manufacturer SPEE3D. The WarpSPEE3D is SPEE3D’s...

SPEE3D takes home Land Forces 2021 SME Defence Innovation Award

Australian metal additive manufacturing firm will take home the ADMA Foundation’s Land Forces 2021 SME Innovation Award, which will be officially presented to the...

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