Tasmania’s renewables ambitions receive boost from TasRex

Image credit: minister.industry.gov.au

The Tasmanian Government has welcomed renewable energy company TasRex’s proposed solar and wind energy projects in a significant move towards solidifying its position as Australia’s renewable energy powerhouse.

Minister for Energy and Renewables Nick Duigan highlighted Tasmania’s achievements in the renewable energy sector, stating that the state is 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable electricity and has maintained a net-zero emissions status for nine consecutive years.

Duigan emphasised the critical role played by Hydro Tasmania and recent wind-farm developments in achieving Tasmania’s renewable milestones.

“Tasmania’s renewable status would not have been possible without the ingenuity and courage of thousands of Tasmanians through Hydro Tasmania and recent wind-farm developments,” the minister remarked.

According to Duigan, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the government and TasRex encompasses both onshore and offshore renewable energy initiatives, underscoring TasRex’s dedication to leveraging local supply chains and creating job opportunities within Tasmania.

The collaborative effort aims to address the growing demand for renewable electricity driven by Tasmania’s expanding economy and emerging industries.

“We share the view that Tasmania is extremely well placed to develop more renewable energy to support our long-term plan for a growing economy and supporting jobs, many in regional communities,” the minister said.

The overarching objectives include ensuring energy security, maintaining competitive power prices, and sustaining the state’s zero-emissions status.

Minister Duigan also stressed the government’s unwavering commitment to increasing renewable energy production.

“The Rockliff Liberal Government is committed to increasing our renewable energy production. We are the renewables powerhouse of Australia and we intend to remain there, and projects by local companies like TasRex can help us to achieve this vision,” he stated.

Minister Duigan concluded by underscoring the direct correlation between increased renewable energy production and job creation.

By injecting more renewable power into the energy network, the minister said Tasmania is poised to offer the nation’s lowest power prices, reinforcing its status as a renewable energy leader.