Titomic expands footprint with breakthrough sales in US and Australia

Image credit: titomic.com

Australian metal additive manufacturing company Titomic Limited has celebrated the successful sale of two D523 low-pressure cold spray systems, marking a significant stride in the company’s expansion into the mining services sector and the US market.

In a news release, Titomic said it secured the sale of two D523 low-pressure cold spray systems, solidifying its position as a pioneer in advanced manufacturing and coatings technology.

The first of these sales, with a value of AUD 198,829, took place in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, signalling Titomic’s strategic entry into the thriving mining services industry in the region.

The second sale occurred in Texas, USA, marking a crucial achievement in the company’s expansion into the dynamic American market.

The sale in Western Australia holds particular significance as it highlights Titomic’s commitment to meeting the demands of the robust mining sector in the region.

The D523 system’s adaptability and mobility proved instrumental in securing this transaction, showcasing its capability to meet the stringent requirements for durability and efficiency in the mining servicing industry.

Simultaneously, in the United States, the sale in Texas, facilitated by Titomic’s reseller, Anywise America, stands out as a landmark success.

This marks the first sale by Anywise America since joining forces with Titomic, paving the way for a promising partnership.

An on-site demonstration played a pivotal role in demonstrating the D523 system’s capabilities, solidifying its position as a groundbreaking solution for the American market.

The D523 system’s innovative no-heat repair capability and rapid restoration feature for metal parts make it uniquely suitable for the mining industry.

Its capacity to repair and restore metal components without requiring high-temperature treatments not only preserves the integrity of critical mining equipment but also significantly extends its lifespan.

This feature is particularly invaluable in the mining sector, where equipment downtime can lead to substantial financial implications.

Titomic’s global presence has now reached new heights, with over 133 Titomic cold spray systems in operation, primarily across various industries in Europe.

The track record and technology of the D523 system are poised to revolutionize maintenance and repair processes in these newfound markets.

Herbert Koeck, the managing director of Titomic, commented that the successful sale of the D523 systems in Western Australia and Texas signifies a significant step in their strategic plan to expand their presence in vital industries.

He said, “These transactions not only reflect our unwavering commitment to addressing the dynamic needs of these sectors but also showcase the strength and versatility of our advanced technological solutions.”

Looking ahead, he expressed excitement about continuing to support the growth and efficiency of industries, particularly in mining, through their innovative and transformative manufacturing technologies.