Toyota Australia boasts fuel cell EV line in national Hydrogen Showcase

Toyota will display the FCV Express Diner concept as part of its national Hydrogen Showcase. Image credit: Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia has unveiled a series of fuel-cell electric vehicles as part of its Hydrogen Showcase that seeks to highlight potential applications for its hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

The demonstration highlights the HiAce-based FCV Express Diner Concept, a Caetano 33-seat commercial bus, a Toyota forklift, EODev stationary power generator, and the Toyota Mirai sedan— all representing broad applications for fuel-cell technology across a range of industries. 

The company showcased its FCV Express Diner concept, which is designed for a variety of situations, from street stalls to disaster relief. The truck uses the same powertrain as the second-generation Mirai sedan and is equipped with two tanks capable of storing kilograms of hydrogen for a driving range of approximately 400 km. 

Aside from the Express Diner concept, Toyota will also display a fuel cell bus that is currently available in European and UK markets. Developed in partnership with Portuguese bus manufacturer Caetano Bus, the H2.City Gold bus uses the Toyota fuel cell technology as used in the Toyota Mirai. 

The Hydrogen Showcase will also feature other potential applications for hydrogen technology, with a stationary fuel cell power generator manufactured by EODev. The generator was developed using Toyota fuel cells and sold in Australia through Blue Diamond. 

Vin Naidoo, chief marketing officer for Toyota Australia, said the Hydrogen Showcase has brought a great opportunity to highlight the benefits and potential of hydrogen fuel-cell technology. 

“The Hydrogen Showcase offers a look at some of the exciting vehicles and technologies powered by Toyota fuel cells stacks using powertrains whose only tailpipe emission is water, as well as educating and informing on how this technology can benefit society,” Naidoo said. 

The Hydrogen Showcase hit the road on 26 April and is slated to make stops in Brisbane from 4 to 5 May, Sydney from 15 to 16 May, Canberra on 23 May, Adelaide from 1-2 June, and Perth from 13 to 14 June.