Tritium partners with ChargePoint to spread its electric vehicle fast charging technology across the US


Australia’s Tritium, the developer of the Veefil electric vehicle fast charger, has signed an exclusive US contract with ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, to install its award-winning DC fast charging stations across the country.

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According to the press release by ChargePoint, the fast charging stations have a power output of 50kW and can deliver up to 80 miles or 128 kilometres in just 20 minutes.

The Tritium stations are fully equipped to charge all cars fitted out with DC fast charging using the included SAE-Combo connector or a CHAdeMO connector. Tesla drivers will also be able to use the CHAdeMO connector with an adapter slated to go on sale shortly.

“ChargePoint approached us because it was attracted by both the design and unique technology of the Veefil®, plus the fact that it is extremely simple for the EV owner to use,” said Tritium’s CEO, David Finn.

“We were looking for a strong partner in the US which had excellent distribution and an established network throughout the country. I’m excited by the rate and high volume at which ChargePoint will be able to deploy our product into this market and its commitment to establishing a major network of DC fast chargers.”

The agreement between the two companies will see the Tritium stations installed on major routes across the US, becoming part of the ChargePoint network of over 21,000 EV charging stations.

“These stations can be used by any EV equipped with fast charging and will be installed in convenient locations where drivers need them most,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO.

“With access to fast charging stations along major routes, drivers can depend on an EV as their only vehicle.”

The Veefil fast charging station is the world’s most-advanced 50 kW DC fast charger for all EVs, supporting CHAdeMO & SAE-Combo standards. It offers Robust charging over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions – increasing reliability and reducing maintenance.

It has the smallest footprint and lowest weight of all 50kW DC EV fast chargers, increasing location options and reducing shipping and installation costs. It fits neatly at the end of a standard parking bay within existing infrastructure.

In addition, Veefil weighs only 165 kilograms and its polycarbonate and aluminium construction ensures long-term stability of the entire enclosure, leading to lower maintenance costs.

ChargePoint said that to use the stations, drivers have to sign up for a membership (

“Drivers can find charging stations and see their availability in real-time at or with the free ChargePoint mobile app. To start a charging session, drivers simply wave their ChargePoint card in front of the station, use the ChargePoint mobile app or call the 1-888 number printed on the ChargePoint station,” it says in the company’s press release.

Last year, Tritium partnered with Shanghai-based electric product manufacturer SSE to role out its ground-breaking Veefil fast charge technology on a global scale.