University of Southern Queensland awarded national funding for wearable cooling technology


A project led by University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Professor Zhi-Gang has secured a $428,541 grant under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme to carry out a new research into wearable cooling technology.

USQ Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie said the grant will allow Energy Materials Professor Zhi-Gang to continue the development of wearable thermoelectric materials and devices with high cooling performance for personal heat management.

“This is an outstanding result for the University and demonstrative of our research excellence in the field of advanced engineering, and I congratulate Professor Chen,” Professor Mackenzie said.

Utilising his expertise in functional materials, Professor Chen is looking to help place Australia at the forefront of the wearable electronics and garment industry.

“Thermoregulation has substantial implications for energy consumption and human comfort and health,” he said.

“Personal heat management includes personal cooling, heating, heat insulation, and temperature adjustment functions, which are more flexible and extensive than traditional air/liquid cooling suits for the human body.

“We’re taking a novel assembly approach to engineer thermoelectric materials with unique structures and chemistry.

“We’re working towards cost-effective, eco-friendly, and wearable thermoelectrics that can be integrated with wool or fabrics to form smart textiles.”

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