Plastic pallets manufacturer Range International is setting up a new plant in Cairns


Range International’s wholly owned-subsidiary Re>Pal will establish an Australian manufacturing operation at a leased site in Cairns, Queensland, that will initially supply a plastic fencing product made solely from Australian-made recycled plastic.

The company is already moving forward to fit the proposed site with industrial equipment and tools formerly owned by ReGen Plastics, which was successfully delivering finished product to its flagship client Botanica Property group before ceasing operations when its parent entity went into liquidation earlier this year.

Range, however, announced that it has signed a conditional product supply agreement with Botanica for the purchase of plastic planks, which will be manufactured using 100% recycled plastic resin at the new proposed leased site.

The company’s Executive Chairman, Richard Jenkins, said the plant would be commissioned over the next month and would immediately recommence production and sale of the recycled fencing product initially to Botanica and then to other wholesale and retail distribution opportunities across Australia.

“Range has deep experience in recycling and processing waste plastic,” Mr Jenkins stated.

“Combined with the local management of Regen Plastics, and that we have managed to pick up fully operational assets at a very discounted price, we are delighted to be able to continue to supply Botanica for their valued contract and look to expand the sales of the Regen Plastics fencing product.”

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