Velo3D claims spot in Fast Company’s list of ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’

Image credit: Velo3D

Metal additive manufacturing company Velo3D was included in Fast Company magazine‘s annual list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” for 2023. 

The award was given to Velo3D because of how its technology is being used by forward-thinking companies in key industries such as new space, semiconductors, and energy, which rely on advanced manufacturing technologies to build next-generation products, the magazine said in a press release. 

A total of 540 organisations from 54 sectors and regions are recognised, and Velo3D was applauded in the manufacturing sector of Fast Company.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Velo3D. Each month we take time to recognize our own innovators within the company and to celebrate their contributions and achievements,” said Benny Buller, Velo3D CEO and founder. 

As a company, Buller said its main objective is to provide technology that supports client innovation, pointing out Velo3D’s accomplishments, including improvements in hypersonics, space launch vehicles, rocket and turbine engines, and machinery for producing semiconductors. 

“We thank Fast Company for this recognition,” the CEO added. 

Velo3D said its customers have used its technology in the last year alone to produce electric automobiles more effectively, launch hypersonic planes and rockets, reach space, and deploy satellites while also streamlining supply chains.

Notable customer achievements in the past year include Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Launcher (acquired by Vast), Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Hermeus, the company claims.

Fast Company Editor-in-Chief Brendan Vaughan said this year’s list includes some of the most innovative organisations that are revolutionising society on a daily basis, including NASA and upstarts MrBeast as well as established companies like McDonald’s.

“Everyone on this list does something completely, uniquely different, yet, they all have one thing in common: innovation,” Vaughan noted.

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies issue (March/April 2023) is available online and on newsstands beginning 14 March.