Victoria’s world-class defence industry on display at Avalon

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Victoria will showcase its world-class defence industry at the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition which opened yesterday at the Avalon Airport.

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Premier Daniel Andrews, who joined Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan and Minister for Tourism and Major Events John Eren at the official opening ceremony, said the events will promote Victorian defence industry excellence, facilitate networking and create trade opportunities and jobs.

“Victoria has some of the brightest minds in aviation, aerospace and defence – and it’s only fitting that we put them on a global stage at the Avalon Airshow,” Mr Andrews said.

“This is a great event which draws visitors from right around the world – it showcases excellence in our state’s defence industry and creates jobs.”

Minister Noonan said the Avalon Airshow is expected to attract some 200,000 visitors, including more than 35,000 international delegates and 600 companies.

He also revealed that the world-renowned Joint Strike Fighter will make its Australian debut on Friday, adding that Victorian companies accounted for about 70% of the Australian contracts for the manufacture of the aircraft.

“We have a highly-skilled aerospace design and manufacturing workforce, and we are working hard each and every day to support this crucial sector and grow jobs,” Mr Noonan added.

Minister Eren said the Avalon Airshow is expected to boost Victoria’s economy by up to $150 million.

“We pride ourselves on being the nation’s major events capital, and the Airshow is once again putting Victoria on the map,” he concluded.