Volvo Group adopts Titomic’s cold spray tech for repair and remanufacture operations

Image credit: Titomic

Australian metal additive manufacturing company Titomic Limited has recently finalised the sale of a D523 Low Pressure Cold Spray System (D523) to Volvo Group for EUR 55,000 (AUD 90,865).

This transaction marks the integration of Titomic’s cold spray technology into Volvo’s Repair and Remanufacture operations, the ASX-listed company said in a media release.

Volvo Group, renowned for its leadership in the MRO sector across automotive and heavy equipment industries, operates six facilities worldwide.

This strategic acquisition highlights the advancement in the adoption of Titomic’s cutting-edge technology, reinforcing its foothold in the MRO industry.

Notably, Titomic has a track record of delivering innovative solutions to prestigious, high-tech clients like Rolls Royce and MTU Power.

The sale of the D523 to Volvo Group signifies a crucial step in Titomic’s journey, showcasing its capacity to provide novel capabilities to even the most established companies.

As one of the largest truck manufacturers globally, Volvo Group’s diverse portfolio encompasses mining trucks, marine engines, and other heavy equipment requiring maintenance and repair.

The integration of the D523 into Volvo’s operations will primarily focus on maintaining, repairing, and overhauling heavy equipment engines, particularly for Volvo Trucks, with potential expansion into Volvo Construction Equipment in the future.

Titomic’s Managing Director Herbert Koeck, remarked that the integration of Titomic’s D523 into Volvo Group’s repair operations represented a significant achievement.

“Volvo’s adoption of this technology demonstrates the strong performance of Titomic’s products and growing interest in them across Europe and the worldwide remanufacturing and maintenance sector,” Koeck stated.

According to him, this sale created opportunities for further sales within Volvo and provided additional evidence of the impact of Titomic’s technology in the remanufacturing and maintenance sectors, thereby enhancing Titomic’s capacity to effectively pursue sales in remanufacturing and across diverse industries.