Weld Australia’s manufacturing, engineering resources boost national welder training

Weld Australia is pleased to announce the launch of a new suite of learning resources for the Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package. Image credit: Weld Australia

Weld Australia announced that its recently launched new suite of learning resources for the Manufacturing and Engineering (MEM) Training Package is receiving positive reviews and gaining rapid industry uptake. 

In a news release, the organisation said it devised and developed a set of resources to support the delivery of the Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package’s 12 welding and fabrication units of competency.

Weld Australia organised a national consortium of TAFEs to work on the project, and the consortium has worked with the organisation over the last two years to develop the most engaging, up-to-date tools available. 

Members of the consortium piloted the use of the resources, and some TAFEs have already made them permanent.

According to Weld, the MEM resources have been designed with students, teachers, and training companies in mind. 

The new resources are also entirely online and can be accessed by phone, mobile device, or computer. This allows students to learn at the time, place, and pace that is most convenient for them.

The first training organisation to facilitate an official pilot was South Metropolitan TAFE in Fremantle, Western Australia. Students and lecturers alike provided positive reviews.

“The resources have been terrific, not only for our team here at South Metro TAFE, but we’ve also upheld these and shared these with some external customers as well. So from a  quality perspective, the resources have been tremendous,” explained Jonathon Maile, executive director of Engineering, Transport and Defence at South Metropolitan TAFE. 

He added that the ability to collaborate with Weld Australia and other TAFEs has resulted in enhanced training outcomes, giving greater technical consistency across Australia. 

“It has improved our focus on digitisation and e-learning, and the increased the flexibility of how we deliver,” Maile remarked. 

Meanwhile, Brenda Micale, general manager of Training Services at South Metropolitan TAFE, agreed with Maile, saying, the resources have significantly improved their delivery across the fabrication area. 

“On our own, we could have developed an adequate suite of materials for the qualification. Through the national collaboration, we got a much higher quality resources. On a TAFE budget, we never could have got all the bells and whistles—the videos, the eLearning—it’s just financially out of our reach,” Micale noted. 

To learn more about the resources, you may attend Weld Australia’s webinar on Friday, 15 September, by registering through this link