Western Australian leaders launch mission to boost tourism and trade with Japan

Image credit: Western Australian Government

Premier Roger Cook and Deputy Premier Rita Saffioti, alongside representatives from the Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC), are set to embark on a significant mission to Japan to promote tourism, trade, and local job growth.

This mission coincides with the resumption of direct flights between Perth and Tokyo, marking a crucial step in strengthening the relationship between Western Australia (WA) and Japan, the government said in a media statement.

To date, Japan is the second-largest trading partner for WA, with a trading value of $39.7 billion in 2022. This substantial trade relationship is rooted in the exchange of goods such as iron ore, LNG, and other job-creating commodities.

The mission to Japan, the first official visit for Premier Cook and Deputy Premier Saffioti, aims to further enhance the investment and trade ties between the two regions.

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight, recommencing on Sunday, 29 October, will operate three times a week and revive a popular route first established in 2019.

This renewed connection is expected to increase tourism from Japan, making it an essential market for WA’s “Walking on a Dream” tourism campaign.

The mission will encompass various high-level meetings and events with industry stakeholders, including an energy and resources seminar that will bring together Japanese energy and resources companies, investors, government representatives, and trading houses.

Premier Cook and Deputy Premier Saffioti are scheduled to meet with board representatives from major companies such as Mitsui, Mitsubishi, and Marubeni.

The Premier will also engage with the Parliamentary Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and the CEO of JOGMEC.

Meanwhile, Deputy Premier Saffioti and the WATC will hold discussions with Japan’s financial institutions and banking sector to promote WA as a preferred investment destination.

Premier Roger Cook emphasised the significance of Japan as a vital trading partner, driving job creation in the resources sector.

“Japan is one of our closest and most important trading partners – and our relationship with Japan underpins tens of thousands of jobs in our resources sector,” Cook said.

The premier added, “This mission will strengthen those ties, and to grasp the enormous opportunities of the future – in tourism and in green energy industries.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Premier Rita Saffioti lauded the chance to personally promote investment opportunities through WATC in Japan, recognising its immense value.

“Being able to come across on the resumption of the direct flight route run by ANA is a great way to travel between Tokyo and Perth – a trip I am sure many more travellers will choose to take,” Saffioti concluded.