Airframe and assembly assortment expands global offer

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Dormer Pramet has added hundreds of new products to its global assortment of cutting tools, with a specific focus on airframe and assembly applications. 

These additions follow the company’s acquisition in January 2019 of Wetmore Tool & Engineering, a leading US-based manufacturer of customer specified High-Speed Steel (HSS), cobalt and solid carbide cutting tools. 

Based in Chino, California, Wetmore specializes in cutting tools for hand-held skin drilling applications performed by several global aerospace organizations. 

During the last two years, Dormer Pramet has been working towards making the items produced in Chino available within its global product offer. It has increased capacity, invested in new machinery and transformed the facility into a dedicated production unit, alongside its existing manufacturing sites in Brazil and Czech Republic. 

Now customers around the world have access to a wide assortment of tools, including carbide tipped rivet shavers, threaded shank and quick-change adapter drills, core drills, double-margin step drills, nutplate drills and special application drills and reamers. ?

The airframe and assembly tools are manufactured to National Aerospace Standards (NAS), with many made to order custom tools produced to support various application needs. Alongside this is more than 50 years of expert technical advice and customer support.

To assist this assortment expansion, a new Airframe and Assembly brochure is now available, providing an overview of all the cutting tools added to the Dormer Pramet portfolio. This includes items from its Dormer and Precision Twist Drill product brands.  

In the new publication, is the assortment of threaded shank drills, suitable for machining general to medium duty, low tensile strength materials in confined areas. Also, aircraft extension drills, manufactured to provide long life and high levels of productivity. This assortment includes a highly efficient flute design and a 135° NAS split point, which reduces thrust forces and improves positional accuracy when hand drilling.

Additional items in the brochure include countersink drills for use in Nutplate drill motors and tapered reamers for hand drilling (through bushes) or with controlled speed/feed drill motors. Dagger drills – designed to produce delamination free holes; double margin step drills to machine close tolerance holes; piloted countersinks for use on pre-drilled holes in aluminum, graphite and fiberglass; as well as carbide routers to machine the edges of composite panels made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), fiberglass and Kevlar. 

Please contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office for further information and advice regarding the new Airframe and Assembly assortment or visit