Australian cotton industry groups receive $890,000 grant to boost export trading

Image credit: Cotton Australia

Australian Cotton Shippers Association (ACSA) and Cotton Australia have secured an $890,000 Agricultural Trade and Market Access Corporation (ATMAC) grant to help foster an overseas customer base for Australian cotton. 

ACSA and Cotton Australia will use the grant to support the “Taking Australian Cotton to the World – Realising the Opportunity project,” which will enable cotton growers in the country to broaden the network for supply chain partners and customers. 

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt said the Federal Government seeks to help protect and grow the cotton industry by investing in both biosecurity and improving market access. 

“Australia’s cotton trade needs to be more diversified and resilient to trade disruptions caused by COVID-19 and global logistics issues,” Watt said. “Through this new grant, we’re backing Australian cotton producers and exporters to be even more competitive, resilient, and to explore and realise opportunities in new markets.

According to the minister, the ATMAC funding has already helped the industry generate significant demand for Australian cotton and export a record crop of 5.6 million bales. 

“We continue to work with the agriculture industry to reach its goal of $100 billion in farmgate value by 2030,” Watt added. 

ACSA Chairman Matthew Bradd said the grant will enable the association to tap into the opportunities created and drive further demand for Australian cotton in new and emerging markets by facilitating targeted management, education, and communication with supply chain partners and customers. 

“This will ensure Australian cotton remains not only competitive on the world market but seen as the fibre-of-choice for an increasing number of supply chain partners,” Bradd said.