Beon Energy awards Synertec contract for Melbourne Water solar farm project

Image Credit: Melbourne Water Facebook

Engineering product and solution provider, Synertec Corporation Limited (ASX:SOP) signed a contract with Beon Energy Solutions to kickstart a “major energy upgrade” for major bulk water supplier Melbourne Water.

The awarded contract will allow Synertec and Beon to develop solar photovoltaic generation plants at two critical water treatment plants in Victoria.

When complete, the solar farm should deliver peak electricity supply of 20 MW and 10 respectively.

“Synertec is very excited to have been chosen by Beon for this important infrastructure project,” Michael Carroll, Synertec Managing Director, commented.

As a water engineering solutions company, Synertec will be placed at the helm of the farm’s automation control systems. With Beon, the company will allow Melbourne Water to have full control of the new solar-powered plants.

“We trust that our deep understanding of Melbourne Water’s facilities and their needs and requirements, which has formed over multiple service contracts spanning more than a decade, has been highly regarded by Beon for this project.”

The project is expected to reduce energy-related operational costs of Melbourne Water’s treatment plants, as well as reduce the facilities’ carbon emissions.

Melbourne Water pledged to reduce its net carbon emissions to zero by 2030

“Working closely with Beon, we expect Synertec’s automation and water engineering experience will provide a solution that unlocks significant potential cost savings for Melbourne Water, while improving environmental impact and safety,” Carroll added.