Fuel3D introduces super fast 360-degree 3D scanner (VIDEO)

Image credit: www.fuel-3d.com

Leading 3D scanning innovator Fuel3D has unveiled a new super-fast scanner designed for capturing highly detailed 360-degree 3D data.

Image credit: www.fuel-3d.com

The Fuel3D 360 Scanner is a high-speed imaging and measurement system capable of capturing high-resolution 3D data (accurate to 0.2mm) in just 0.3 seconds.

“The scanner captures both shape and colour data of mid-sized objects – around the size of a human head and shoulders,” the company said in a blog post.

“The easily transportable scanning rig can be set-up and calibrated in under an hour, making it ideal for on-location scanning and pop-up retail opportunities.”

Fuel3D  CEO Stuart Mead said the new scanner can be used for a wide range of applications, including movie actor and gaming computer-generated imagery (CGI), virtual/augmented reality characters and objects, biometric security systems, custom eyewear fitting, facial measurement for retail services and pre-and-post surgical/dental treatment analysis .

“The growth in the use of 3D data in areas as diverse as security, medical, virtual and augmented reality has created a challenge in how to quickly and cost-effectively capture real-life subjects and objects in 3D,” Mr Mead said.

“The Fuel3D 360 Scanner provides a unique solution that will enable a wide range of sectors to scale-up 3D content generation cost-effectively.”

The Fuel3D 360 Scanner is currently being showcased at the CES tradeshow and isexpected to be available on the market in June 2017.