MaxSec Group Limited launches new COBALT series of locks


MaxSec Group Limited (ASX: MSP) yesterday announced the launch of Magna Electronics Pte. Limited (“Magna”) COBALT electronic locks series.

Image credit: User Roving I
Image credit:
User Roving I

According to the issued media release, the company already has orders from customers in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

MaxSec Group Limited is a public company and a global market leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality, high-security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products through its BQT Solutions and Magna businesses.

The COBALT is a series of electronic locks driven by motors. The locks were designed to secure both commercial and residential doors. Thanks to the bolt pins which operate on a cam action, the COBALT is able to pull a door in tightly against a seal. In the case of double acting doors, the COBALT self-aligns the door when required.

These locks are the solution to the greatest door issues when it comes to concealed electric locking: the ability to align a misaligned door and the ability to release when requested even with excessive load on the door.

The COBALT has completely resolved these problems and is the perfect solution in cases where secure and reliable installations are needed. It is manufactured with high-quality components and each product contains a full list of features.

Two models of the COBALT series are available: the YD30 (dual mechanism for double acting, or swinging doors) and the YD30M (single mechanism for single acting doors).

“The COBALT is a quality, reliable product that addresses the two most concerning issues in concealed electric locking very successfully, a claim that some other manufacturers have failed to deliver. We have tested and trialed the lock extensively and we have had very encouraging feedback from specifiers, installers and users,” said Geoff Cleaves, CEO of MSP.

“We have seen particular interest from the European market with the locks ability to unlock when requested with up to 100kg of side-load force applied is requirement which is not achieved by many locks in the marketplace today. The lock’s design is very unique and we have a patent pending over the product,” added Mr. Cleaves.

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