Friday, May 24, 2024
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RePal commences manufacturing operation in Australia

Plastic pallets manufacturer Range International has confirmed that the Cairns-based operation of its wholly owned subsidiary, RePal Australia has commenced manufacturing of commercial quantities...

Plastic pallets manufacturer Range International is setting up a new plant in Cairns

Range International’s wholly owned-subsidiary Re>Pal will establish an Australian manufacturing operation at a leased site in Cairns, Queensland, that will initially supply a plastic...

ASX-listed Range International salvages 888,000 kilos of waste plastic from landfill

Plastic pallets company Range International announced that it has utilised 888,000 kilos of plastic from landfill since listing on the ASX about a year...

Range International to list on ASX

Range International, the leading recycled plastic pellet manufacturer, will list on the Australian Securities Exchange on Friday 22 July following a successful initial public...

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