Rinkak launches new free partner program for 3D printing manufacturers


Tokyo-based Kabuku, the Japanese company that manages the well-known 3D printing service and marketplace Rinkak, has announced that it has released its “Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program” that is set to boost the profits of 3D printing manufacturers.

Image credit: Rinkak
Image credit: Rinkak

More specifically, the new partner program will offer a 3D print commission opportunity to all participating members who will receive 3D printing orders from Rinkak.

According to the company’s news release, the program is free and offers members numerous benefits, such as eliminating order quotation, order management and billing management. The program is all browser-based, it has a very simple user interface and is specifically designed for 3D printer owners who want to take advantage of any print downtime they might have by taking orders from Rinkak for production.

Rinkak was launched in January of 2013 and has grown into one of the biggest online 3D printing service and marketplace in Asia and the world where designers and manufacturers promote and sell their 3D printed products.

According to 3D Print, the online marketplace was developed by Adam Rocker, the man who created “Simeji”, the Japanese emoji keyboard app.

Manufacturers will only have to fill out six fields on the Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program web form to join the program.

To learn more, please go to https://www.rinkak.com/us/3d-printing-partner-program