Friday, June 21, 2024
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German partners use near-contour cooling to 3D-print metal injection moulding tool

The University of Rostock and metal construction company Stenzel MIM Technik have collaborated to create a 3D-printed metal injection mould (MIM) with AIM3D's CEM technology on an ExAM 255 system in a push to combine high accuracy and production speeds.

Siemens NX digital CAx integrates AIM3D machine at German R&D hub

Multi-material 3D printing company AIM3D announced that the Naddcon research and development centre in Lichtenfels, Germany, which specialises in additive manufacturing, has integrated its ExAM 255 3D printer into a Siemens NX package.

AIM3D presents the Voxelfill process

Every 3D printing process competes with classic manufacturing strategies such as casting or milling in terms of mechanical properties, time factors and cost-effectiveness.

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