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AusBiotech applauds launch of Medical Science Co-Investment Plan to boost biotech sector

AusBiotech has welcomed the launch of the Medical Science Co-Investment Plan, which pinpoints four primary investment areas in the medical science domain: medical devices, complex therapeutics, digital health, and sustainability.

AusBiotech launches Industry-led cell and gene manufacturing strategy

Melbourne-based AusBiotech has launched the Australian biotechnology sector-led National Cell and Gene Manufacturing Blueprint, which provides a consistent and collaborative strategy to increasing Australia's sovereign cell and gene (C&G) manufacturing capabilities and capacity.

Industry leaders present AIM Incentive set to boost Australian manufacturing

Industry leaders presented the proposed Australian Innovation & Manufacturing (AIM) Incentive at Parliament in Canberra yesterday. The AIM – which is basically a “patent” or...

Biotech survey concludes that Australia needs reforms to keep advanced manufacturing at home

Conducted by AusBiotech and supported by Grant Thornton Australia, the annual Biotechnology Industry Position Survey (2014) has revealed a rather disturbing trend — Australia’s...

AusBiotech conference to focus on biotech industry transformation

Australian biotech industry has evolved substantially and its bioactivity has been applied across a wide range of areas such as agriculture, food technology and...

Australian medical manufacturing industry calls for tax reforms to encourage local production

Key players in the Australian medical manufacturing industry are calling for tax reforms to boost local production. In an AAP report published on Business Spectator,...

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SAP S/4HANA’s role in sustainable manufacturing

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