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1414 Degrees secures exclusive rights to new hydrogen production tech

1414 Degrees announced its exclusive acquisition of rights to a groundbreaking method for generating net zero hydrogen from natural gas.

CSIRO spins out new green hydrogen tech startup for heavy industry

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has collaborated with corporate advisor RFC Ambrian to establish a new company to commercialise electrolysis technology that the agency said can produce hydrogen with 30 per cent less electricity in a push to decarbonise heavy industry.

Bosch begins mass production of its fuel-cell power module

Bosch, a global technology and service provider, is ushering in the hydrogen era of mobility by ramping up commercial manufacturing of its fuel-cell power module at its Stuttgart-Feuerbach facility. 

Pure Hydrogen acquires 24% stake in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company H2X

Pure Hydrogen Corporation Limited announced it has acquired an initial 24% interest in Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle company H2X Global Limited (H2X), with options...

NERA unveils nationwide hydrogen cluster to bolster Aussie hydrogen industry

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) unveiled Monday this week a plan to develop a network of 13 regional hydrogen technology clusters in hopes of...


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