Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Lockheed Martin cuts 1,000 US jobs

Lockheed Martin has announced that its aeronautics business plans to axe around 1,000 positions in the US. In a media release issued last week, the...

Lockheed Martin to axe 500 jobs in IT service

Global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin has announced that it will slash 500 jobs from its Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS) workforce...

Bradken to cut 500 jobs

Bradken is set to slash 10% of its workforce to 4,700 in the next couple of years to reduce operational costs and improve medium to...

China’s manufacturing sector in decline as layoffs continue to mount

The growing number of layoffs in China’s manufacturing sector has added fuel to speculations that the world’s second-largest economy is rapidly deteriorating, as manufacturers...

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