Tasmanian council launches VR program to promote mining and manufacturing careers

Image credit: www.premier.tas.gov.au

The Tasmanian Government has expressed its support for the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing & Energy Council (TMEC) program that seeks to offer students the chance to explore the mining and advanced manufacturing industries without leaving their classrooms.

The latest initiative will use immersive technology and virtual reality (VR) headsets that will allow more than 2,000 secondary students from 80 Tasmanian schools to experience simulated working environments in the sectors. 

As part of TMEC’s Manufacturing and Mining Career Awareness Program, the VR experience will allow students to venture into the industries while helping companies identify potential individuals for the future workforce. 

The sectors predict that over 15,000 skilled workers will be needed to join the industries over the next five years, adding up to the 23,000 Tasmanians already involved in the businesses. 

Professionals in the industries will also be featured in the VR experience to provide comprehensive narratives of what it is like to pursue a career in mining or manufacturing. 

The VR program builds on the success of TMEC’s previous Fabricated Advanced Manufacturing Career Awareness Program.