BigRep’s LOCI Podcar: A fully 3D printed transportation solution

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In the first video of this series we featured BigRep’s answer to industrial large-scale additive manufacturing – the BigRep Pro. The Pro is already being used in the automotive industry by Ford Motor Company to develop additive applications on the assembly line. This partnership has now given BigRep the experience to create the LOCI Podcar, an autonomous, electric fully 3D printed mobility solution.

Created by BigRep’s innovation consultancy NOWLAB, the LOCI Podcar can be customised for any climate, terrain or personalisation – a transportation perfect for urban environments. Watch the video to see this sleek invention that harnesses the speed and agility of additive manufacturing.

LOCI at a glance


Technical Specs:

  • Overall Dimensions: 85cm x 146cm x 285cm
  • Number of parts: 14 main parts with additional inserts
  • Largest part: 1000 x 600 x 700 mm
  • Printed with BigRep PRO, BigRep Studio G2, BigRep ONE

Print Materials: Body: PRO HT / Tires: TPU / Bumpers: PLX / Beams and Joints: PA6/66

Additional Features:

  • Electric power / Touch screen media display
  • Surround sound audio / Wireless phone/device charging / LED lighting / TPU airless tires
  • BigRep Part DNA™ technology

Discover the other capabilities of the BigRep PRO, visit .

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