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How to transform your operation into a smart factory: Modernising the data architecture

Indeed, the effective collection, analysis and application of data is at the heart of any smart factory’s strategy and operations. And if the data is the heart of the smart factory, then the data architecture is its lungs.

Getting It Done With Dashboards

Operating a highly efficient shop floor starts with getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and there’s no better way to do it than with Dashboards from Global Shop Solutions.

Manufacturing companies encouraged to apply for Off-farm Efficiency Program funding

Manufacturing companies operating in the Murray Darling Basin are encouraged to apply for funding under the Off-farm Efficiency Program.

Accelerate your Journey to Scale AM Production

Additive manufacturing (AM) has the power to completely transform manufacturing businesses. According to a study by Jabil, up to 90% of manufacturers believe that additive manufacturing is essential to future-proofing their businesses.

5 Ways to Power up Your People and Strengthen Your Organisation

The global pandemic has forced change in almost every area of business, including how, when and where we work. Here’s how to make the most of this brave new world.

Major Auction Event: Glazing Business Liquidation Sale

Sponsored Content by Grays marketplace announces a major online auction event for the assets of HiTec Glazing Pty Ltd (In Liquidation). Sydney, NSW, May...

Manufacturers dial up investment in technology and sustainability

The Commonwealth Bank has recently launched its first Manufacturing Insights Report. The report speaks to hundreds of manufacturers of different sizes and types, in which they were asked about their financial performance during the pandemic, how well they adapted, and their approach to business in the year ahead.

Digitisation and sustainability drive manufacturing

Australian manufacturing is thriving despite cost pressures, supply chain issues and labour shortages. A new CommBank report shows how digitisation and sustainable practices are reshaping the sector.

Concrete Collectives Takes a New Spin on Concrete Design with the Fusion 360 Nesting...

Concrete Collective uses the Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension to cut the melamine board for their molding accurately and cost-effectively, resulting in beautiful bespoke designs.

Overcoming the Payroll Challenge

Given the proverbial payroll cycle is rife with legislative and logistical obstacles, processing accurate, compliant and prompt payroll requires many working parts. That’s The Payroll Challenge.

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A business-led approach to maximising your SAP investment

Manufacturers are responding to the low-growth environment by focusing on digitisation, ESG and portfolio reshaping, transforming into more digital, resilient, and sustainable organisations.