Aussie Vistaprint wins “Nobel Prize of Manufacturing”


Jim Glover of Complete Lean Solutions (CLS) collected a Shingo Award – the Nobel Prize of Manufacturing – on behalf of Victorian printers Vistaprint in Utah last month.

Image credit: Vistaprint

Founded by Shigeo Shingo, the Shingo Prize recognises companies for delivering world class results and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to growing a strong culture of business excellence.

Complete Lean Solutions worked with Vistaprint over four years to build the best factory in Melbourne which culminated in them winning the Shingo Prize Bronze for Operational Excellence last year.

“I’ve been involved with Complete Lean Solutions for nearly seven years now, working with big clients such as Plexicor, Futuris and more recently Vistaprint. Following our Shingo achievement, I decided to join CLS full time as a specialist consultant to continue the journey and to, perhaps, help develop the next Shingo Prize winner,” said Glover.

“Shingo and Lean is all about developing leaders who “ask people and challenge them to solve problems” rather than just “tell people what to do”. Great culture is born from great principles that inform everyday values and behaviours. The important thing to remember is that the Shingo Prize is merely a beacon signifying a destination and target condition towards which a company may travel rather than a destination in its own right – with the journey of continuous improvement never ending.”

The company is the youngest, as well as the first Australian company ever to have been awarded the prize.

“Being clear regarding the vision and culture required to create a “truly great place to work” helped the entire team at Vistaprint stay motivated and focused. Many organisations struggle with Lean because they concentrate solely on the tools rather than truly engaging people in the cultural transformation required to drive value, return on people investment and sustainable outcomes. Both the Shingo and CLS models are so successful and compelling precisely because they focus on these aspects. It’s all about being respectful, humble and authentic to the principles every day and providing continual coaching and encouragement.”

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