Royal Wolf Innovation Delivers Stunning Pool House For Less

Royal Wolf Pool House, Image Supplied:
Media Release by Royal Wolf

National shipping container company Royal Wolf has engineered a new twist on the backyard pool house with a luxury design that cost almost $50,000 less than comparable structures using traditional building methods.

Royal Wolf Geelong Branch Manager Justin Van Loon had received quotes of up to $80,000 to build a 10mx5m pool house from landscaper builders before a lightbulb moment had him approaching Royal Wolf engineers for a solution.

“The quote to do it using two shipping containers was significantly cheaper and we actually ended up with a larger pool house than we initially planned,” says Justin, who lives in Leopold, Victoria.

“All up it cost about $30,000-$32,000, which included buying two containers, all modifications done by Royal Wolf and then completing other works ourselves like electrical and flooring.”

Within weeks of Justin consulting the Royal Wolf team, engineering and workshop plans compliant with building regulations were drawn up, including a design for concrete footings.

“The Royal Wolf engineers took into account our home address, wind ratings and all the different aspects that impact building structures and designed the pool house accordingly,” Justin says.

“They also advised us on what materials we needed in order to strengthen the 12mx4.8m building and the window openings. The team modified the containers based on the drawings that were supplied by the engineers.

“They removed two side walls of one container and one side wall of the other container, which was then strengthened and stiffened up with wide window openings, doors welded closed and the exterior painted.”

Once complete, the pool house was delivered and placed by Royal Wolf at the Van Loon home. From sketch to completion, the project took just 10 weeks.

“The best part was we had very little disruption or inconvenience at our home – we had the concreters dig and put the foundations in and then Royal Wolf delivered the pool house and installed it on the footings the next day. All up it only took about a week of work at our place,” Justin says.

Justin and his family are so happy with the new pool house, it’s now their go-to for entertaining all-year round.

“It’s a great point of difference. You can make containers into anything – it’s just like our motto ‘You can do anything in a Royal Wolf’ – and in this instance it’s true because we designed it to suit our needs and how we wanted it to look,” Justin says.

“The opportunities are endless for people looking to create spaces in their homes, whether it’s a pool house like us, a man cave, kids’ retreat, workshop or office space.

“Initially my wife was a little sceptical but she loves it because it’s a comfortable and relaxing space, it’s everything we were looking for.”

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