Siemens PLM releases new Active Workspace client for Teamcenter


Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software has released the new Active Workspace client for Teamcenter, an intuitive, highly visual and personalized environment for instantly accessing 3D information.

Image courtesy of Siemens PLM
Image courtesy of Siemens PLM

The web-based client platform simplifies PLM and is available at no cost to all Teamcenter users.

According to Siemens, a lot of companies generate large amounts of information throughout their product lifecycle processes, and too often these data lie dormant and are often located in different sites and several different unconnected databases. Finding and utilizing this information can be a time-consuming process, aside from the fact that it is quite expensive.

Active Workspace, integrated with Siemens PLM Software’s technology, offers an efficient solution that will bring all the information together through visual presentations, enabling better decision-making to drive innovation.

“All companies and individuals face the challenge of dealing with information overload due to the increasing speed and volume of data coming from multiple sources,” said Chuck Grindstaff, CEO, Siemens PLM Software in the media release.

“Active Workspace helps companies manage this challenge and significantly enhances decision making by reducing complexity and intelligently presenting PLM information that is accessible for all users.”

Active Workspace builds on Siemens’ HD-PLM vision intuitive and personalized 3D graphic interface that significantly enhances the ability of the PLM suite of offerings to deliver knowledge instantly to the right people.

As the complexity of products being produced increase, the PLM systems that support the manufacturing of these products expand to accommodate more data, users and functions. Visualizing information is crucial to understanding this complexity, says Siemens.

“The constant increase in product complexity creates a need for a strong multi-disciplinary decision support platform that makes information exchange and collaboration simple, intuitive and effective,” said Joe Barkai, Practice Director, Product Lifecycle Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights.

“A dynamic decision support system, like Active Workspace, creates rich technical and business context to enable intelligent, high-fidelity decision making.”

Active Workspace’s zero-install platform is optimized to support both mobile and desktop devices. It is available when and where it’s needed, allowing users to adapt easily to the system and realize faster return-on-investment.

For more information about Active Workspace 2.0, go here.