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Rolls-Royce wins US Navy contract to develop innovative debris detection technology

Rolls-Royce has secured a year-long research contract from the US Navy to develop digital foreign object debris (FOD) detection technology. The A$1,3 million contract will...

Austal wins A$369m US Navy Contract

Austal has secured a new multimillion contract to build two additional Expeditionary Fast Transport Ships (EPF) for the US Navy. The A$369 million contract will...

Austal wins major US Navy contract

Austal has won a A$779 million deal to construct the Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS 28) for the United States Navy. Austal has thus...

Austal USA wins new A$434m US Navy contract for two EPF vessels

Austal USA, the American branch of operations for Australian shipbuilder Austal, has been awarded a A$434 million contract for the design and construction of...

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