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The first dedicated Australian 3D Printing Expo

June 17, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

3D printing could revolutionize the way parts are manufactured in different industries, says an engineer specializing in the technology. Mechanical engineer Simon Bartlett of Rapid Pro says that through 3D printing mining companies could produce their own parts on site and save time in the process. “It’s like Batman’s utility belt, to get

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Car manufacturing gets more assistance from government than food sector

June 14, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

In light of the recent production shutdowns being announced by companies in the automotive and food manufacturing industry, the latest review from the Australian Productivity Commission shows that car production received three times the rate of government

AMWU: Coalition is playing Russian roulette with 16,000 automotive jobs

June 14, 2013 • News, UncategorizedComments (0)

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has accused the Coalition of playing a game of chance with thousands of jobs in the automotive industry. “The Coalition seem to think its fine to play Russian roulette with 16,000 automotive jobs by ridiculing

Advanced Manufacturing a Priority for South Australia

June 12, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

South Australia’s Advanced Manufacturing priority has been supported in the 2013-14 State Budget through a package of measures aimed to assist the transition from an industry of imitation through to a sector of innovation. The State Budget will provide

Toyota posts $149M profit, but still in talks with Government for assistance

June 12, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

Toyota Australia has reported a profit of $149.1 million after tax for the period of 2012/13, finishing with impressive results ahead of other local car makers Holden and Ford. In a media release, Toyota Australia President and CEO Max Yasuda has cited

AI Group announces formation of Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council

June 11, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

A new business group of CEOs has been announced today by the Australian Industry Group. Members of the newly-formed Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council gathered at the Melbourne offices of the AI Group earlier this afternoon to take part in a meeting

Australian manufacturing is uncompetitive under current wage structure says Teys chief

June 11, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

Teys Australia’s chief executive says the wage structure of the manufacturing industry belongs to another era. “Many in the industry still operate in tally-type systems that were invented when the shearers stood around the ‘Tree of Knowledge’