House of Representatives votes to dump carbon tax


The House of Representatives has voted to abolish the carbon tax, leaving the Abbott government to settle the deal with the Senate in December.

Image credit: Free Digital Photos user
Image credit: Free Digital Photos user

In a statement released on Thursday the Liberal Party said they are keeping their promise to scrap the carbon tax and they will not stop until it is completely gone.

“This was an important vote for Australian families because repealing the Carbon Tax will create a stronger economy with more jobs and saves families $550 a year on average,” according to the statement.

“It’s time for Labor to step up and help Australian families and businesses by scrapping the Carbon Tax.”

The Coalition criticised the Labor Party for not keeping its word.

“All Coalition MPs lived up to their promise to scrap the jobs destroying carbon tax but every Labor MP voted to keep the carbon tax.”

“It may have a different leader but it’s the same old Labor Party.”

According to the statement, if Labor decides to vote against the repeal of the carbon tax in the senate, it will be clear proof that Labor has not changed under the leadership of Bill Shorten.

“All that stands between Australian families and $550 is ‘Electricity Bill’ Shorten.”

“All that stands between strengthening the economy, boosting jobs and manufacturing is ‘Electricity Bill’ Shorten.”

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the package of 11 repeal bills was about the Coalition government “rectifying a fundamental breach of faith with the Australian people”.

“We will be repealing the carbon tax, firstly, because it doesn’t work, secondly, because it destroys our competitiveness and, thirdly, because we gave our word,” Mr. Hunt said, quoted in an AAP report published The Australian.

The Carbon Tax Repeal Bill 2013 and 10 associated bills now proceed to the Senate, where Labor and the Greens have the numbers to block them.