RMIT and Eurecat unveil new metal digital manufacturing joint research unit that connects Australia and Europe


RMIT and Eurecat, the Technology Centre of Catalonia, have announced the establishment of a Metal Digital Manufacturing Joint Research Unit (JRU) to accelerate industrial innovation for companies in the aerospace, automotive, and health industries in Europe and Australia.

The Metal Digital Manufacturing Joint Research Unit (JRU) gives access to cutting-edge infrastructure and technical expertise to enable Europe and Australia’s manufacturing sectors improve their global competitiveness, develop new products and processes, and train new talent.

The new JRU, which was unveiled on March 29 at the Advanced Factories Expo and Congress in Barcelona, covers the entire value chain, from metal component design and advanced manufacturing to the development of alloys and new materials that enable the customisation of innovative design solutions for various industrial sectors and applications.

Professor Mark Easton, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct at RMIT, said JRU brings together the expertise, facilities and experience of RMIT’s Advanced Manufacturing Precinct and the Centre for Additive Manufacturing along with Eurecat’s Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.

“By combining RMIT’s and Eurecat’s joint expertise and facilities with this new JRU, we believe we can unlock boundless future opportunities for industry,” he said.

The new collaborative research unit, according to Eurecat’s Xavier Plantà, Director of Industrial Technology, will supply unique knowledge in metal digital manufacturing technologies with a focus on sustainability.

“We’ll draw on our expertise in manufacturing technologies and production processes for advanced and clean manufacturing enabling industry to improve their productivity as well as waste management,” he said.

Eurecat’s Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence is well-known for its expertise and experience in digital advanced manufacturing, and it leads Catalonia’s research and innovation ecosystem’s ACCI advanced manufacturing community.

According to RMIT’s statement, the new JRU is a continuation of its existing partnership with Eurecat to facilitate technology transfer and innovation for European companies.

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