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3D-printed skin technology offers hope for wound healing and hair restoration

A recent breakthrough in 3D bioprinting technology has paved the way for the creation of multi-layered living skin with the potential to regenerate hair follicles.

UNSW Sydney introduces newly developed 3D bioprinting surgical tool

Researchers from UNSW Sydney have engineered a miniature soft robotic arm capable of 3D printing biomaterial directly onto the organs of a person. 

World’s first 3D printed, cruelty-free rib-eye steak makes its meaty debut

Leveraging 3D bioprinting technology, Israeli researchers say they can now produce any type of steak composed of real cow cells. Israeli-based company Aleph Farms Ltd.,...

CMU scientists unveil first full-sized 3D bioprinted model of the human heart

Researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have successfully created the first full-size 3D bioprinted human heart model using their Freeform...

Australia’s first 3D bioprinter installed at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Federal minister Greg Hunt officially launched Australia’s first ever 3D bioprinter at the Murdoch Children’s  Research Institute (MCRI) last week. The 3D bioprinter was provided...

3D tissue engineering could render dental implants obsolete

Griffith University researchers are experimenting with 3D bioprinting to develop a solution that will allow them to regrow missing teeth and bone using a...

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