There is still some life left in Australia’s automotive industry


    The Australian Made Campaign says that the country’s automotive industry is still alive and kicking despite the fact that major car makers such as Toyota, Holden and Ford are set to pull the plug on all manufacturing operations in the country within the next few years.

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    “The major players in Australian car manufacturing might be leaving the country, but there are plenty of local manufacturers still making special purpose automotives and automotive accessories that are worth keeping your eyes on,” said Australian Made in a media release.

    The list of “smaller” Australian car manufacturers includes Gum Removal Vehicles (GRV) Pty Ltd, a company that designs and manufactures 48 volt electric vehicles for the use of chewing gum removal using vapour system. The GRV is not only available in Australia, but can also be purchased in Asia, Oceania/NZ, USA and Europe.

    Silhouette Karts Pty Ltd is another local car manufacturer, specializing in producing custom built, high performance race karts at Somerton Victoria which are available for purchase directly from manufacturer.

    Tomcar Australia builds ultra-functional, durable and versatile of-road utility vehicles fit for commercial and private use in Australia’s most demanding and rugged conditions. Available for purchase in Asia, Oceania/NZ and other places around the globe, Tomcar vehicles are designed and built to a professional high grade standard, with an extremely safe design that uses the highest quality materials and components.

    Tri Pod Cars manufactures the Tri Pod 1 reverse trike kit car on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. You can buy it in various ways from just a raw chassis for around $3000 through to a comprehensive kit that gives you just about everything you need to complete the building of your own lightweight fun car. The Tri Pod 1 is registrable in all states of Australia for use on public roads, and can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

    Apart from these and other Australian companies that manufacture special purpose automotives, the country also boasts numerous companies that manufacture automotive accessories, which clearly shows that the car making sector is still alive.