Victoria launches new skills plan to guide training sector over next 3 years

Image credit: Aleksandr Ivasenko/

The Victorian government has released a new report outlining its outlook and plans for the state’s skills and training sector over the next three years. 

Minister for Skills and TAFE Gayle Tierney led the rollout of the Victorian Skills Plan for 2023 into 2024 during an event at Homlmesglen TAFE in Moorabbin yesterday, 24 October. 

The report has unveiled Victoria’s job and skills outlook in 2026 and the government’s plans to create more than 353,000 new jobs across 19 key industries, including manufacturing and healthcare, over the next three years. It outlines a practical plan to ensure the training and skills sector is well-positioned for this growth. 

According to the report, 25,000 jobs will be created in the manufacturing sector and about 35,000 people will join the workforce in the professional, scientific, and technical services sector. 

Meanwhile, Victoria’s transition to a renewable economy is expected to create 10,000 new jobs each year from now until 2030 and transform more than 500,000 existing jobs through new skills training. 

The Victorian Skills Plan is an annual report first published in 2022 and identifies more training opportunities for providers and industries to plan for future skills needed. 

The Victorian Skills Plan for 2023 into 2024 was prepared by the Victorian Skills Authority and was developed in consultation with industry, employers and unions. 

“The annual Victorian Skills Plan is a critical body of work. Knowing the skills that will be required in the future and how to access the training available is a valuable resource for Victorians of all ages,” said Member for Bentleigh Nick Staikos. 

Minister Tierney said the plan provides critical insights into the needs of the local workforce across all industries, occupations, and regions and helps establish a connected world-class training and skills system for Victoria. 

“Through the Skills Plan and collaboration with training providers and industry, we are ensuring Victorians have access to the training and skills they need for fulfilling careers that are in demand, now and into the future,” Minister Tierney added.