YuMi® – the world’s first collaborative robot is now available in Australia


About a year ago, leading power and automation technologies company ABB unveiled YuMi® – the first collaborative robot in the world that will be able to work alongside humans on the same tasks.

Image credit: ABB
Image credit: ABB

ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service, with a strong focus on delivering solutions that help manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety.

YuMi® is a human-friendly dual arm robot created to meet the needs of today’s consumer electronics industry.

Six months ago, YuMi® was officially introduced at the leading trade fair for industrial technology, Hannover Messe.

The introduction marked another step in ABB’s Next Level strategy aimed at accelerating sustainable value creation and heralded a new era of robotic co-workers that are able to work collaboratively on the same tasks with humans.

Yesterday, ABB announced that the YuMi® robot is now available in Australia.

“We have received strong levels of interest in YuMi across a variety of industries, including the education sector. The first robot for Australian delivery was sold recently, even before it hit our shores,” said Peter Katsos, Business Unit Manager, ABB Robotics, in a media release to Australian Manufacturing.

YuMi® is particularly suited for small parts assembly and pick-and-place applications within the electronics industry and its ability to work alongside humans is expected to enable it to drive efficiencies across a wide variety of innovative applications – particularly due to its inherently safe design.

For more detailed info, please go to www.abb.com