Body armour manufacturer XTEK secures $3.2M int’l ballistics order

Image credit: XTEK

Defence industry company XTEK Limited announced that its subsidiary, HighCom Armor Solutions Inc (HighCom), has received a new purchase order worth $3.2 million to supply ballistic body armour products to an undisclosed international military customer.

The ASX-listed company said the order represents the second major contract secured by XTEK’s Ballistics Division within the current financial year.

The new order emphasises the company’s growing reputation for advanced manufacturing and its robust sales and distribution capabilities across North America, Australia, and Europe.

XTEK, through its facilities in Ohio and Adelaide, is known for its ability to design, manufacture, and deliver ballistic armour products and solutions.

According to the company, these products are recognised for their ultra-lightweight build and high-performance characteristics, catering to the needs of military, law enforcement, and first responder clients across the globe.

The $3.2 million order will involve the production and shipment of thousands of advanced, high-performance body armour products to meet the operational requirements of the undisclosed international military customer.

Scott Basham, CEO of XTEK Group, expressed his satisfaction with the order, emphasising the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch ballistic armour solutions.

“This new international order, from an undisclosed military customer, worth $3.2m, will see thousands of our advanced high-performance body armour products manufactured and shipped overseas over the coming weeks to meet this customer’s operational requirements,” the CEO noted.

Earlier this week, XTEK announced the successful completion of a $2.6 million order by its subsidiary, marking the fulfilment of a significant international order, which was initially disclosed to the ASX on 17 July 2023.

In particular, HighCom supplied an undisclosed European customer with a substantial quantity of its high-end ballistic body armour products, primarily consisting of NIJ Level IV hard armour ballistic plates.

In conjunction with the recently disclosed $2.6 million order, this new development is expected to contribute to the reduction of inventory levels, a key objective highlighted in the FY23 full-year results.