Cobalt Design launches new initiative to boost Australian manufacturing amid COVID

Image from Cobalt Design
Media Release

Melbourne-based product development agency Cobalt Design has recently launched an initiative to help boost local manufacturing. This aims to strengthen and support local manufacturing capabilities against the unpredictable nature of the COVID pandemic. Through this initiative, Cobalt will give discounted design rates to approved new clients seeking to manufacture in Australia.

This is in response to COVID’s profound global impact, including in manufacturing. Where some supply chains have been overwhelmed, others have been shut down. In Australia, supplies and stocks have had to rely more heavily upon locally manufactured goods. Despite this, one positive is that many people and decision makers are now appreciating the importance of having a strong local manufacturing base.

Therefore to encourage companies who are passionate about design and Australian manufacturing, Cobalt is offering a range of incentives under their aptly named #ManufactureAUS initiative to help these companies manufacture their products locally. Not only does this support local manufacturers, it also strengthens the range of Australian Made products.

For approved new clients, up until 30 October 2020 Cobalt will discount up to 15% of design stage fees for new product development projects which replace imported products, introduce genuinely new technology/innovation that might otherwise be made overseas and/or includes substantive local content within products designed for export.

This initiative was created by Cobalt’s three directing Principals, Steve Martinuzzo, Jack Magree and Warwick Brown. Steve Martinuzzo states, “We are proud to launch this initiative and are excited to offer our design services in a way that will allow more companies, whether established or start-ups, to manufacture locally and take advantage of the strong capabilities Australia has to offer.”

Cobalt defines that the product can be low or high tech, conceptual or near production-ready. “We have no pre-conceptions. If there is a desire and logic to making the product in Australia, there is great potential for the new project to be undertaken with Cobalt as a partner” says Warwick Brown.

Jack Magree adds, “In our 25 years of experience in developing some of the world’s leading products, we’ve always believed in Australian manufacturing, and how local capabilities are an essential component of global trade”.

Cobalt encourages any company who may be interested to get in contact to discuss product development.

Image: Cobalt Design