Doftek joins Bosch’s new multi-functional co-working hub in Melbourne

Doftek’s AWA system is a ground-breaking technology platform for the independent control of wheel alignment in real-time, and for every driving scenario. Image supplied.

Global technology giant Bosch has welcomed Doftek, an innovative Victorian automotive technology company, to its Oceania headquarters in Clayton, located in Melbourne’s South East.

This collaboration marks the inauguration of Bosch’s new ‘Multi-Functional Co-Working Space,’ designed to support early-stage companies developing products and systems that align with Bosch’s core interests, the firm said in a media release.

Doftek is recognised as a world leader in the development of on-vehicle wheel alignment and monitoring technologies.

Their flagship technology, Active Wheel Alignment (AWA), allows the vehicle’s wheel alignment settings to be adjusted in real-time, maximising handling performance, improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and minimising tyre wear.

The multi-functional co-working space, situated at Bosch’s redeveloped Regional Headquarters in Clayton, offers scalable office, workshop, lab, manufacturing, and storage areas that can be configured to suit individual company requirements.

According to Bosch, this facility is part of its commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the growth of early-stage companies in the automotive technology sector.

Dr Priscilla Rogers, Doftek executive director and co-founder, stated, “With a rapidly growing customer base, we are actively scaling our business and engineering operations.”

She added, “Our co-location with Bosch Australia allows us to expand our footprint on demand and in a turn-key fashion with access to world-class facilities and expertise that supports automotive componentry development.”

Dr Rogers highlighted the unique nature of the offering, stating, “There are very few co-location ecosystems in Victoria that support hardware development, so the opportunity provided by Bosch is compelling for companies like ours.”

Gavin Smith, Bosch Oceania President, emphasised the benefits of the new co-working space, saying, “There’s no better place for an innovative early-stage technology company to set up camp than here with us in Clayton. But not just for the space.”

“Doftek can also call on our expertise in automotive technology development, testing, and manufacturing establishment, should the need arise.”

Both Bosch and Doftek are long-standing members of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), which drives innovation, productivity, and competitiveness across Australia’s manufacturing industry.