Flight Centre company launches toolkit to help SMEs get back to travel in 2022

Image Credit: www.corporatetraveller.com.au
Media Release by Corporate Traveller

As the backbone and lifeblood of the Australian economy, SMEs are playing a central role in fuelling post-pandemic recovery and spearheading the return of the business traveller.

Corporate Traveller is already seeing a positive trajectory for early 2022 with a significant uplift in bookings, boosted by the Federal Government’s recent decision to reopen the international borders.

This indicates there is a strong desire for in-person meetings and gatherings for successful business development, customer retention, and networking.

To support this vital sector, Corporate Traveller has unveiled the ultimate SME Travel Toolkit to give small business owners a helping hand as they adapt to the ‘new normal’ and begin travelling again.

As the dominant player in the SME travel space which counts over 1,500 team members serving over 4,000 Australian customers and more than 16,000 globally, Corporate Traveller has tapped three decades of industry expertise to compile this easy-to-digest complimentary resource.

Available to read and download via the Corporate Traveller website, the 10-part monthly series tackles the most pressing concerns for SMEs.

The SME Travel Toolkit will also set out to address the myths of managed travel programmes by taking readers through the benefits of enlisting a business travel pro you can trust and rely upon.

Tom Walley, Corporate Traveller’s Global Managing Director, recognises that many are faced with a new set of challenges, especially when trying to navigate international travel in the pandemic-era.

“Travel today can be an overwhelming experience. The world has changed, which for budget conscious SMEs, has created a more confusing environment especially for those who previously handled their own travel and simply don’t know where to start,” Mr Walley said.

“With international borders reopened in Australia and travel restrictions easing around the world, the desire to travel and connect face-to-face has increased for businesses… as have complications.

“Through our new SME Travel Toolkit, we’ve set out to share our deep industry knowledge to help small business owners decide how to plan and travel easily and safely.”

With the first and second chapters launching in Australia in March 2022, the readers can expect to benefit from a variety of educational assets to help improve and inform their business travel choices.

From providing guidance on how to craft the perfect policy to securing the best rates, controlling, and tracking spending to keeping your people safe, Corporate Traveller promises to discuss the issues that are troubling SMEs while offering practical advice.

In keeping with the company’s customer-centric approach, the SME Travel Toolkit will also share details of real-life client issues resolved with Corporate Traveller’s help and support. Useful checklists and other downloadable tools will be offered too.

While it is envisaged this content will mostly appeal to growing businesses that typically organise their own travel, it may also benefit companies looking for advice as they reconsider their own programmes in the year ahead.

“No two clients are alike – nor too large or small for our assistance,” Mr Walley said.

“With the SME Travel Toolkit series, we’re helping businesses identify the best route and resources needed to maximise their productivity and savings without cutting corners or compromising on safety as they propel their businesses forward in this changed world.”