French manufacturer promises to deliver world’s first luxury hydrogen sedan prototype by June 2021


The upcoming prototype for the Hopium Machina – the world’s high-end zero-emission hydrogen powered sedan – is set for arrival in June this year, Hopium CEO Lombard confirmed today

Founded by racing driver Olivier Lombard, Hopium is a Paris-based high tech manufacturer aimed at becoming a global leader in hydrogen mobility.

Unveiled in late January, Hopium Machina’s upcoming prototype will lay the groundwork for the first luxury car driven purely by hydrogen power.

Helming the project, CEO Lombard has enlisted the expertise of Felix Goddard, ex-Tesla designer, to sign design and aerodynamic lines of Hopium Machina; and Loïc Bouillo, Programs Director and former-PSA and Safran employee, to orchestrate the vehicle’s development and technological platform.

Hopium claims the model will come equipped with “revolutionary proprietary technologies” and promises up to 50+ hp and 1000+ km of range within only 3 minutes – performances which the company claims have not yet been reached for hydrogen vehicles.

“Forward-looking, it will combine hyperconnectivity, safety and ergonomics in a cabin that is both sporty and comfortable, while meeting the environmental challenges of our era,” Hopium adds.

As it prepares the model for industrialization, Hopium revealed that the prototype is currently in an advanced manufacturing stage, the first in a series to validate technologies incorporated in the vehicle.