Magnis reports ‘impressive’ fast-charging battery results

Image Credit: Magnis Energy Technologies

Lithium-ion battery maker Magnis Energy Technologies has reported ‘significant fast charging battery results’ in its testing of fast-charging (FC) battery cells developed by the company’s partner C4V, in which Magnis holds a 9.65% stake.

Magnis said the tests used commercial optimised multilayer 1.6 Ah pouch cells, and achieved cycling life retention of over 75% after 2,513 cycles with a 30-minute charge and 30-minute discharge.

According to the company’s statement, the optimised cell is within 99% energy density of a regular energy cell, which means minimal energy density loss for an FC cell.

Magnis said the initial extra fast charging 6-minute results, while impressive, were ‘too early to report’, as ‘only 100 cycles have been completed to date’.

Magnis and CV4 have been working with end users including EV manufacturers, to develop the next generation extra fast-charging batteries, which are required to maximise charging energy efficiency, battery life, and safety.

C4V President Dr Shailesh Upreti said the company is at the forefront of this technology development, making C4V a leading company in the market.

“We are really excited by the ongoing results that we continue to achieve using this technology, and I believe this is one of the most exciting technologies currently in play for the transportation industry as well as certain parts of the Grid market,” he said.

“We look forward to providing further progressive results.”

Image Credit: <a href=””>Magnis Energy Technologies</a>