Seven shortlisted for $70 million hydrogen funding round

Image by Gareth Willey from Pixabay

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has today announced that seven companies have been shortlisted and invited to submit a full application for the next stage of the Agency’s $70 million hydrogen funding round.

The shortlisted applicants are:

  • APT Management Services Pty Limited
  • ATCO Australia Pty Ltd
  • Australian Gas Networks Limited
  • BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd
  • Engie Renewables Australia Pty Ltd
  • Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Limited
  • Woodside Energy Ltd

According to news from ARENA, all applicants have well developed projects that involve deploying 10 MW or larger electrolysers, made up of various end uses including transport, gas injection, renewable ammonia production, power and industrial use. ARENA aims to support two or more of the shortlisted large scale renewable hydrogen projects.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said their ultimate goal is to lower the price of renewable hydrogen in order to be competitive with other forms of energy and be at the forefront of renewable hydrogen production.

“The best way to help build a hydrogen industry is to support projects that will help demonstrate the technology at scale, and share the lessons learned to help the industry as a whole reduce risk and costs as well as increase efficiency.”

“A thriving renewable hydrogen production sector will not only help our heavy industry and transport sectors to reduce emissions, but will provide the platform for Australia to export renewable energy and reduce emissions beyond our borders,” Mr. Miller said.

Hydrogen is currently used in the industrial and chemical sectors and is derived primarily from natural gas. According to ARENA, hydrogen will be used in the future in a wide range of applications from industrial to household appliances, remote power, transport, and for greening or storing energy in existing gas networks. It also represents a significant long term export opportunity.

The shortlisted businesses will have until January 2021 to prepare their application and preferred projects will be selected by mid 2021. Successful projects are expected to commence construction in 2022. All applicants may also be considered for financing from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) under the CEFC’s $300 million Advancing Hydrogen Fund.

Image by Gareth Willey from Pixabay