SPC mandates COVID-19 vaccine for all staff by November

Image credit: spc.com.au
Media Release

In an Australian first from today, iconic manufacturer SPC will mandate that all of its staff must be fully vaccinated by the end of November to gain entry to any Company location. The measure will ensure the health and well-being of all staff and the broader community.

SPC’s senior leadership team and board recognise the significant threat the COVID-19 Delta variant poses to both the business and the broader Australian community.

A fully vaccinated workforce will ensure that SPC can continue to deliver an essential service while helping Australia return to an open economy in line with the Prime Minister’s four-point plan out of COVID.

All SPC staff, including casual and permanent staff as well as contractors, must have at least the first dose of the vaccine scheduled by September 15 2021, with the first dose administered by the end of October. Any visitors to an SPC site will also be required to be vaccinated.

SPC Chairman, Hussein Rifai, said: “Lockdowns are not a sustainable solution and the Australian economy needs to open up again. The Delta variant poses a significant threat to our people, our customers and the communities we serve. The only path forward for our country is through vaccination.

“As a Company, we believe it is the right thing to do and we must go further to minimise risk and to protect the people we care about from the Delta variant,” said Rifai.

All staff will be aided and offered compensation via paid time off when required to receive their vaccinations as well as special paid leave of up to 2 days for any staff who may become unwell after vaccination.

For those with a pre-existing condition and are unable to receive the vaccine their circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

SPC CEO, Robert Giles, said: “We have already implemented rigorous safety plans at all our sites in response to the pandemic. These plans have ensured our people’s health, safety and job security while ensuring business continuity for the essential service we provide to the broader community. But Australian companies must go further by rapidly vaccinating their staff.”

“By taking proactive steps now, we are shoring up our Company for the future. We firmly believe that it will be manufacturers and innovators like SPC who will help drive Australia’s post-COVID economic recovery,” concluded Giles.