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‘Good News for Australian Manufacturing’ Prime Minister Promises.

January 18, 2012 • Featured, Mining & Resources, NewsComments (1)

The Australian Government has made $34 million dollars available to the car manufacturer Ford in Australia, securing the manufacturing of cars in the plant through to 2016. ‘As a result…we will actually see the number of jobs grow. There will be an additional 300 jobs as a result.’ Julia Gillard stated in a news conference …

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AMWU welcomes Ford’s continued investment in Australian manufacturing

January 17, 2012 • Mining & Resources, NewsComments (0)

Jan 10, 2012 The AMWU has welcomed Ford’s $103 million investment in the Falcon and Territory SUV, which will guarantee another four years of production in Victoria. AMWU Acting National Secretary, Mike Nicolaides said it was a good day for workers in the

Bluescope Steel- Australia’s leading manufacturing investor in China.

January 16, 2012 • Mining & Resources, NewsComments (0)

BlueScope Steel’s operations out of China compromise of : BlueScope Steel Suzhou, BlueScope Butler and BlueScope Lysaght. ‘Our operations in China comprise a metallic coating and painting facility which commenced operation in 2006, seven world

PM Sees Great Potential in Mining Projects

November 15, 2011 • Mining & ResourcesComments (0)

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gilliard has forecast that the future of Australian manufacturing lies in the mining sector and urge manufacturers to embrace innovation to grab a share of the mining boom. It comes after talks of $1.2 million in grants from

Mining Women Initiative

November 14, 2011 • Mining & ResourcesComments (0)

Australia Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) has been launched to increase women’s participation in the mining industry. A series of strategies are planned to attract and retain women in the resources industry. AWRA say they are working with the

Green CSG Claims Rejected

November 11, 2011 • Mining & Resources, SustainabilityComments (0)

In the midst of the CSG debate between gas companies and the Greens, International Energy Agency jumped out and rejected Greens claims that the big coal-seam gas export plants planned for Gladstone could emit as much carbon as coal-fired power plants.

Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2012

November 10, 2011 • Events, Mining & ResourcesComments (0)

An advanced and energy efficient ventilation system is vital in a mine to ensure a safe working environment, by regulation air temperature and extracting gases and particles emitted from vehicles and blasting. Mining IQ’s second Hard Rock Mine