First Graphene, Steel Blue to commence product development of graphene enhanced safety boots


Advanced materials company First Graphene Limited has teamed up with Steel Blue, Australia’s leading supplier of work boots, to develop graphene enhanced safety boots.

The two companies are jointly working on incorporating graphene into existing and new materials of Steel Blue footwear to enhance performance and provide wearers with the latest in advanced materials benefits in safety foot wear.

Graphene has already been used successfully in commercial footwear products across Europe, giving the product improvements such as better strength, grip and reduced wear.

The new project aims to add graphene to the toe cap used in the oil and gas industries, which is made of a composite to eliminate spark potential from steel caps. The addition of graphene to the composite toe cap is expected to enhance its strength characteristics and provide further user benefits.

First Graphene Managing Director Craig McGuckin said the company believes its high quality PureGRAPH will prove to be an excellent additive in the product development with Steel Blue, leading to commercial scale sales of PureGRAPH in 2019.

“FGR is delighted to be working with Australia’s leading supplier of work boots, “Mr McGuckin stated.

“Like FGR, Steel Blue is an Australian company and the world leader in its field of safety boots systems. We look forward to developing products which continue to enhance the reputations of both companies.”

Image credit: STEEL BLUE Boots