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Bumper Year for Aussie Olive Oil

April 12, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

This is originally posted on Australian Food News. Australia is on track for a record for olive oil production, expecting 17 million litres of extra virgin olive oil for 2011. Favourable climate conditions have boosted the industry after a lower-than-anticipated harvest last year. Most of Australia’s olives are grown in east, south and west of

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Ford Tradition Affected by Quake

April 12, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Ford joined the long list of auto-makers that had to limit/ suspend vehicle production following Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami disaster. In a memo to its dealers, Ford is limiting production of some trucks and SUVs in “Tuxedo Black”

$A Spooks Yearling Buyers

April 8, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

It seems that the high-flying Australian Dollar has a negative impact not only in tourism, manufacturing and trading. The after-effect has now spread to the local thoroughbred industry: Yearling sales figures are down, according to sales figure of Inglis

AquaGen – Renewable Wave Energy

April 7, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

AquaGen is an Australian technology company specialising in the development of renewable ocean energy. The company’s future strategy is to scale-up the Lorne pier demonstration unit to large scale commercial wave farms capable of producing Megawatts of

Aussie Fresh Produce in Demand

April 5, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Following the recent Japan disaster, Australian exporters should brace themselves for higher demand in fresh produce to Japan, especially meat and seafood. This comes as a result of food safety concerns and production shortfalls in Japan. Detection of cobalt,

Australian Made, Australian Grown latest TV commercial.

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iPad 2 to Launch in Australia

March 22, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Last year, the iPad wave swept over the Australian digital gadget market. In 2010, the ground-breaking device was named by TIME Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of the Year 2010, making it the king of cool devices. Less than a year later, this Friday,