ECS Botanics completes maiden cannabis shipment to the UK

Image Credit: ECS Botanics Healthy, Happy People @ecsbotanicshealthfood

Australian medicinal cannabis and hemp company ECS Botanics has completed its maiden shipment of dried cannabis flower to Lyphe Group, the largest distributor of medicinal cannabis in the UK.

ESC said the shipment partially fulfilled the previously received purchase orders totalling over $500,000, which is to be delivered in full once the current harvest becomes available over the coming months.

Managing Director Alex Keach said ECS is working closely with Lyphe and expecting further orders over CY2022.

“This shipment is a significant milestone for ECS, as it is the first international export of our Australian grown dried cannabis flower,” he stated.

“We expect our product to be well received by patients in the UK, and demand for our flower to grow significantly through the year.”

Chief Commercial Officer of Lyphe, Chris Ashton said the company was delighted to have received the first shipment of ECS manufactured medical cannabis flowers.

“The range and quality of products offered by ECS represents a significant improvement in the UK supply chain and I’m sure will be well-received by all UK patients,” he continued.

“I’m looking forward to receiving the further products we have on order and excited to expand this partnership to support the demand from UK patients.”

Image credit: <a href=””>ECS Botanics Healthy, Happy People @ecsbotanicshealthfood</a>